Student Works

“Photographic Monitoring Station Analysis”
by Michelle Whitmer. Fall 2008–Winter 2009

“Genius Reserve Experience”
by Frank Gidus. Fall 2007

“Genius Reserve: Guide to the Native Plant Nursery”
by Laura Boyd and Lauren Othon. Spring 2007

“The Genius Reserve: Past, Present and Future”
by Sara Shaw, Scott Bianconi and Marissa Williams. Spring 2007

“Genius Reserve Ecological Restoration”
by Tim Hull and Chris Baker. Spring 2007

“Restoring the Morse-Genius Legacy”
by Kenneth E Francis. Spring 2007

“A Hint of Genius”
by Erin Neikirk, Kim Haire, Brad Hetland and Chloe Hodgdon. Spring 2006

“Fall at the Genius Reserve”
by Heather Chasez. Fall 2005

“The Ecology of Genius Reserve”
by Jeanne Lynn. Fall 2005

“Genius Reserve: Mesic Oak Hammock”
by Jeanne Lynn and Beth Ann Tucker. Fall 2005