Mickey Maxwell


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Mickey Maxwell came to Rollins College in 1986 to join the Physical Plant (now Facilities Management) was an air conditioning technician. Now the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration lead technician, Maxwell is also a permanent deacon in the Episcopal Church and spends much of his time volunteering in prisons.

Maxwell was born in Port St. Joe, Florida.  His family moved many times during his childhood because his father was a member of the Air Force. After completing high school in Jacksonville, he joined the Coast Guard and spent several years serving around the world on an icebreaker. Following his return to the states, the military allowed him to attend refrigeration and air conditioning school. Maxwell then spent several years working in commercial refrigeration before accepting a position at Rollins.

While at Rollins College, Maxwell has been a member of the faculty senate as a staff representative, the staff advisory committee, and the advisory council for the ATO fraternity. In 2005, he received the Helen Crossley Award for his outstanding service.

His interests include: fishing, theatre, service ministry, and housing restoration.  His residence is over one hundred years old and he rebuilt it himself. His travels have brought him to Greenland, Taiwan, and Antarctic among other destinations.

Maxwell Discusses Being Shipwrecked in Antarctica

  • "...And you could see the steel moving beneath us and it sounded like somebody kept dropping hand grenades down in the engine room down with us it was so loud. The swells would raise the ship off of the rock and then slam it back down..."


  • "...And-which we put on these weekend events which runs from Thursday evening through Sunday, which we invite a selected, chosen members and usually we try to get the leaders in the prison to come in and join us as a team of men who have prepared together and become really one body and we invite them, they come and they stay with us. We feed them and do all kinds of things-you know-pray with them and just accept them like they are and love them like they are..."


  • "...We used to have little chillers all over the place-little air conditioners-all over this place. And now we have beautiful green spots out there, flower gardens, there’s patios there’s all kind of things where we used to have air condition chillers..."



  • "...And he had a stroke-probably about five or six years ago, maybe a little longer and could no longer be with us and he was here for about thirty years and ‘course he always-learned a lot just watching Bobbie and how he worked with people..."


  • "I’ve a simple philosophy: You should be happy to go to work, you should be happy to go home. If you’re not-in either one of them-you need to change something. (laughs) Change it, make it better. And so, I try to stick with that and I try to be happy to come to work and when I go home I want to be happy to go home too..."


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