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Robert A. Miller came to Rollins College in 1984 as the director of the division of continuing education (now the Hamilton Holt School) and associate dean of the faculty. He is a noted administrator, and has held positions at numerous institutions of higher learning including the presidency of Nazareth College in Rochester, New York.    

Miller was born on November 1, 1942, in New York City. He earned his B.A. in history and political science from Alfred University. His political science M.A. came from the State University of New York and Miller received his Ph.D. from Syracuse University in political science and public administration in 1974. Before coming to Rollins, Miller worked in several positions including associate director for the division of community services and continuing education at Onondaga Community College and Dean of community research and services at Northern Kentucky University.    

While at Rollins College, Miller devoted himself to improving the evening and weekend course program. He was especially interested in fostering a school that would address the unique needs and characteristics of returning adult students. By increasing faculty involvement, starting a Master of Liberal Studies program, developing the Board of Advisors, and raising $500 thousand to fund scholarships, Miller greatly enhanced the quality of continuing education. In addition, the Hamilton Holt School received its name during his tenure, in honor of Rollins' eighth president. The Hamilton Holt Medal was bestowed on him in 1991 for his accomplishments.   

Miller worked as an administrative officer in Malawi where he directed a rural development program between 1966 and 1968.  In 1991, Miller became the Provost of Antioch University's School for Adult and Experiential Learning. Also, he has written several publications including: "Elite Formation in Africa: Class, Culture and Coherence" and "The Sino-Indian Border Dispute."

Miller Discusses Joint Appointments

  • "...Those faculty members were chosen by the English department and continued to do some teaching, so it might be half and half or more-a little more in the Holt a little less in the day program..."   


  • "...I proposed to Thad that we change the name of the school and he said, “Well, who do you want it named after?”  So I said, “Well, how about Hamilton Holt?...”


  • "...These are the places that I think are most precious, most important..."









  • "...So, how do you judge an adult on how good they are or will be?  So, we developed what we call a behavioral evidence of high quality which was they’d actually take challenging courses and would have to achieve a certain level..."


















  • "...Donors are often included after the fact, invited to meet the students who have received it over lunch.   But to actually be involved as part of the committee it’s a bit unusual."








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