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 Series Description for the Henry Nehrling Collection


Latest Revision August 25, 2006
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Box 1
Series 1 Fig and Rubber Trees.  
Box 1, folders 1-5 contain manuscript notes for The Massive Grandeur of the Fig or Rubber Tree.
Series 2 Palm Studies.  
Box 1, folders 6-29 contain  manuscript notes for Nehrling's Palm Studies. 
Series 3 Nehrlings Correspondence with T. L. Mead and Others.  
Box 1, folders 30-33 contain Nehrling's correspondence with T. L. Mead and others.
Series 4 Miscellaneous Manuscripts and Personal Effects.  
Box 1, folders 34-43 contain manuscript notes about birds, plants and Nehrling's gardens.  Also included in this series are a check ledger, some lists of items, dried leaves and locks of hair.
Box 2
Series 5  German Newspaper Clippings of Articles Published by Henry Nehrling. 
Box 2, folders 1-33 contain articles published in the German language arranged chronologically and dated from 1886-1906.
Box 3
Series 6 Nehrling's Writings Found in American Newspapers.
Box 3, folders 1-8 contain articles published in the English language and arranged chronologically.
Box 4
Series 7 Provenance and Administrative History
Box 4, folders 1-4 contain papers that document the process of creating and organizing the Henry Nehrling collection at Rollins College.

Series 8 Nehrling Legacy Documents.
Box 4, folders 5-24 contain papers, articles and materials that describe Nehrling's personal history and document the efforts to preserve Nehrling's legacy as a pioneer in Florida horticulture.
Series 9 Nehrling Legacy Correspondence.
Box 4, folders 25-36 contain correspondence by the people who have been the most closely involved in the process to preserve the Nehrling legacy.  These include Nehrling family relations, Julian Nally and Hedwig Michel.  

Series 10

Nehrling Legacy Preservation Correspondence.
Box 4, folders 37-76 contain correspondence and papers that have been collected to document the interest in honoring and preserving the Nehrling legacy.
Box 5

Series 11

News and Magazine Articles About Nehrling Published Since 2000.

Box 5, folders 1-8 contain published material about Nehrling arranged chronologically.

Box 6

Series 12

Papers, Articles and Clippings Collected by Herbert Nehrling Jr.
Box 6, folders 1-18 contain the collected papers, articles, and clippings that were collected by Herbert Nehrling Jr. about his grandfather.

Box 7

Series 13

Collection of American Eagle Issues with Nehrling Articles Collected by Herbert Nehrling Jr.
Box 7 contains a complete run of the American Eagle issues with articles published about Nehrling, arranged chronologically from 1965 to1973.
Box 8

Series 14

Scientific Circulars and Journals From Henry Nehrling's Library.

Box 8, folders 1-30 contain scientific circulars and journals published in German and English languages.
Box 9

Series 15

Newspaper and Magazine Clippings Collected by Henry Nehrling. 
Box 9, folders 1-27 contain newspaper and magazine clippings collected by Nehrling in German and English languages.
Boxes 10 & 11

Series 16

Loose Journals and Magazines from Henry Nehrling's Library.
Included in Box 10, 11 and 12 are loose bulletins, journals and magazines that were a part of Henry Nehrling's library.
Shelf, Books

Series 17

Bound Monographs from Henry Nehrling's Library
Books from Henry Nehrling's library include 180 volumes occupying 28 linear feet of shelving.
Shelf, Journals

Series 18

Bound Journals from Henry Nehrling's Library
Series of bound journals from Henry Nehrling's library occupy 20 linear feet of shelving.
Organization of the Henry Nehrling Collection