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Box 1 Original Nehrling Papers  - Manuscripts and Correspondence.

Abstract Box 1 contains 46 folders, most of which are Nehrling's original manuscripts of handwritten, typescript and photocopied papers.  The bulk of this material has to do with palm trees and fig or rubber trees.  The time period during which these papers were written or transcribed is unknown.  Material from these notes and manuscripts have made their way into several publications.  Among these are The Plant World in Florida (1933), Nehrling's Plants, People and Places in Early Florida (2001), and Nehrling's Early Florida Gardens (2001).   Material from the manuscripts may also be found in the articles published in The American Eagle (1922-1929), and elsewhere. The manuscript notes contain personal names and details, such as whom Nehrling collected plant specimens from, as well as specifics about the plants and their care which may not be included in published material.  Beyond the notes and manuscripts, there are folders of original correspondence, most of which is between Henry Nehrling and Theodore L. Mead (1852-1936), another early Florida horticulturist.  Some miscellaneous items in Box 1 also include ledgers, lists, notes on birds, dried leaves and three locks of hair (origin unknown).

Adobe Acrobat files available online:  Index to the Nehrling Manuscripts and Transcript Summary of the Nehrling-Mead Letters.

Series 1 1/1 The Massive Grandeur of the Fig or Rubber Tree.  (Original typescript and notes)
1/2 The Massive Grandeur of the Fig or Rubber Tree.  (Typescript copy)
1/3 The Massive Grandeur of the Fig or Rubber Tree.  (Duplicate of pages 11-46 of original typescript)
1/4 The Massive Grandeur of the Fig or Rubber Tree.  (Original manuscript)
1/5 The Massive Grandeur of the Fig or Rubber Tree.  (Handwritten contents and illustration lists along with 25 manuscript pages)
Series 2 1/6 Palm Studies "Florida Species."  (Manuscript)   
1/7 Palm Studies by Country.  (Manuscripts 1-8)              
1/8 Palm Studies by Country. (Manuscripts 9-12.) 
1/9 Palm Studies by Country.  "Palms on the Riviera and in Italy."  (Manuscript 13.) 
1/10 Palm Studies by Country.  (Manuscripts 14-26.)
1/11 Palm Studies by Country. "The Palms of Florida - Native and Exotic."  (Manuscript 27.)  
1/12 Palm Studies by Genera.  A-B  (Manuscripts 28-46.)
1/13 Palm Studies by Genera.  C  (Manuscripts 47-68.)
1/14 Palm Studies by Genera.  Date Palms. (Manuscript 69.)
1/15 Palm Studies by Genera.  D  (Manuscripts 70-74.)
1/16 Palm Studies by Genera.  E, F, G  (Manuscripts 75-82.)
1/17 Palm Studies by Genera.  H, I  (Manuscripts 83-90.)
1/18 Palm Studies by Genera.  J, K  (Manuscripts 91-97.)
1/19 Palm Studies by Genera.  L  (Manuscripts 98-105.)
1/ 20 Palm Studies by Genera.  M  (Manuscripts 106-114.)
1/21 Palm Studies by Genera.  N, O  (Manuscripts 115-127.)
1/22 Palm Studies by Genera.  P  (Manuscripts 128-133.)
1/23 Palm Studies by Genera.  R  (Manuscripts 134-142.)
1/24 Palm Studies by Genera.  S  (Manuscripts 143-148.)
1/25 Palm Studies by Genera.  T-Z  (Manuscripts 149-169.)
1/26 Palm Studies.  Palms at Home and Under Cultivation.  (Manuscript.)
1/27 Palm Studies  Future Possibilities.  (Manuscript.)
1/28 Palm Studies  Miscellaneous Items.  (Manuscript.)
1/29 Palm Studies. Miscellaneous Lists.  (Manuscript.)
Series 3 1/30 Wyndham Hayward Correspondence.
1/31 Mead, Theodore and Henry Nehrling Correspondence.  (Mixed sender/recipient letters with envelopes.  Includes an envelope with seeds.  Also included are 2 letters from Werner Nehrling to T. L. Mead.)
1/32 Nehrling letters to T. L. Mead, 1890-1929.  
1/33 Miscellaneous Correspondence.
Series 4 1/34 Miscellaneous Notes on Horticulture.
1/35 The Soil and Climate of Florida.   
1/36 Miscellaneous Manuscripts on Plants.
1/37 Miscellaneous Manuscripts Concerning Nehrling's Gardens.
1/38 Miscellaneous Manuscripts on Birds.
1/39 Dried Evergreen and Fern Leaves.  (Includes photocopies of envelopes marked "Col. 1871" and "Yosemite 1871.")
1/40 Notebook/Ledger, 1915.
1/41 Checkbook Register, 1909-1910.
1/42 Palm Cottage Expense Journal, 1919-1928.
1/43 Miscellaneous Items - 3 photo images of fern leaves, dried leaves and a flower, and 3 locks of blonde hair.  
1/44 Miscellaneous Items - Sixteen pages of printed illustrations of plants that appear to have been removed from a book. 
1/45 "Plant Breeders in Florida" and "My Gardens in Florida" published in Florida Fruits and Flowers, Sept.1925. (Two copies.)
1/46 "Orchids in South Florida, Part I" published in Fort Myers News-Press, Nov. 1958. 
Box 2 German Newspaper Clippings of Articles Published by Henry Nehrling.
Abstract The 33 folders in Box 2 contain a variety of articles on birds and plants.  Also included are a number of articles that describe life in America; Florida in particular, from a German-American point of view.  These articles are all published in the German language.  English translations are included with  folders 1, 2, 17, 19, 20 and 24.
Series 5 2/1 "Excursions to Florida."  Anzeiger des Westens  10 Apr. 1886. 
2/2 "Indian Mound on Lake Butler." Telephon, Milwaukee 17 May 1891. 
2/3 "Nehrlings Vogelwelt."  Milwaukee Germania Sonntagspost 13 Dec. 1892. 
2/4 "Die Nordamerikanische Vogelwelt."  Milwaukee Germania Sonntagspost 18 Dec. 1891.
2/5 "Dr. Hanns Maria von Kadich und die Erforschung Nord America."  Germania 27 May 1895.
2/6 "Custodian of the Public Museum."  The Milwaukee Sentinel  21 Apr. 1898. 
2/7 "Europáische Vogel in America."  Anzeiger des Westens  Part I, 22 March 1898.  Part II; 15 May 1898.
2/8 "Etwas aus der Vogelwelt Wisconsin."  Der Westen  24 Sept. 1899.
2/9 "Deutsche Vógel in Amerika"  Milwaukee Germania Sonntagspost 1 Oct. 1899. 
2/10 "Baumpflanzungs and Vogelschutztay."  Milwaukee Germania Sonntagspost  4 May 1900.
2/11 "Museum Trustees and Nehrling's Dismissal."  Daily News 10 June 1901.
2/12 "Ein riesiges Zuckerrubenfeld."  Milwaukee Germania Sonntagspost 15 Sept. 1901.
2/13 "Orchideen fur den Blumenfreund."  Milwaukee Germania Sonntagspost 17 Nov. 1901.
2/14 "Orchideen fur den Blumenfeund."  Milwaukee Germania Sonntagspost  24 Nov. 1901.
2/15 "Beriihmte Deutschamerikaner."  Milwaukee Germania Sonntagspost  1 May 1902.
2/16 "Beriihmte Deutschamerikaner."  Milwaukee Germania Sonntagspost  5 May 1902.
2/17 "German Latins in Florida." Sontagsblatt der New York Staats Zeitung  14 Dec. 1902.
2/18 "Florida also Winterheimat."  Milwaukee Germania Sonntagspost 1 Feb. 1903. 
2/19 "Florida as Winter Home."  Milwaukee Germania Sonntagspost  1 Feb. 1903.
2/20 "Die Orange in Florida."  Sonntagsblatt der New Yorker Staats Zeitung   21 June 1903. 
2/21 "Der Vogelliebaber und das Lacen - Gesetz."  Sonntagsblatt der New Yorker Staats Zeitung  25 Oct. 1903. 
2/22 "Der Vogellieberbaber Unddas Gesetz."  Sonntagsblatt der New York Staats Zeitung 1 Nov. 1903.  
2/23 "Das Handels Museum in Philadelphia."  Sonntagsblatt der New Yorker Staats  Zeitung  29 May 1904. 
2/24 "Birds." Plymouth Review  24 June 1904.  (The author, Mrs. O. Gaffron, quotes Henry Nehrling.)
2/25 "Die Wandertaube."  Sonntagsblatt der New Yorker Staats Zeitung  2 Oct. 1904.
2/26 "Florida."  Tagliche Illinois Staats Zeitung  29 Oct. 1904. 
2/27 "Diegesiederte Wohlfahrsbehorde unserer sudlichen Stadten."  Sonntagsblatt der New York Staats Zeitung  5 Feb. 1905.
2/28 "Der Konig der Lufte."  Sonntagsblatt der New Yorker Staats Zeitung 16 April 1905.
2/29 "Der Deutsch Amerikanische Naturforsher."  Tagliche Illinois Staats Zeitung  5 Nov. 1906. 
2/30 "Die Deutschen in America."  Milwaukee Germania Sonntagspost (n.d.)
2/31 "Die Dracanen."  Der Haus and Bauernfreund  (n.d.)
2/32 "Die Rittersterne oder Umaryllis."  Der Haus und Bauernfeund  (n.d.)
2/33 "Ereursion Nach Florida." (Publication title unknown, (n.d.)
Box 3 Nehring's Writings Found in American Newspapers.
Abstract The 8 folders in Box 3 contain some of Nehrling's original writing that has been published in series form, or in some cases, excerpted and quoted within articles written by Hedwig Michel.  
Series 6 3/1 Fort Myers News Press by Hedwig Michel: Henry Nehrling 1958.
3/2 The American Eagle by Hedwig Michel  1966.
3/3 The American Eagle: by Hedwig Michel 1967.
3/4 The American Eagle - By Hedwig Michel 1968 - Henry Nehrling "The Patron Saint of Florida Gardens"
3/5 The American Eagle: By Hedwig Michel - Henry Nehrling 1969.
3/6 The American Eagle - By Hedwig Michel  - 1970 - Henry Nehrling.
3/7 The American Eagle - By Hedwig Michel - 1971 - Henry Nehrling.
3/8 The American Eagle - By Hedwig Michel 1972 - Henry Nehrling.
Box 4 Nehrling Legacy Documents and Correspondence.  
Abstract Box 4 contains 79 folders of documents; either handwritten, typescript or photocopied, that have to do with the Nehrling legacy.  Most of this material is correspondence that has gone on over the years since Nehrling's death.  There are also photocopies of numerous articles detailing Nehrling's history. The ongoing efforts to honor Nehrling as an early pioneer in the Florida history of horticulture will be found throughout this part of the collection.  Rollins College, the Nehrling family, the Henry Nehrling Society, and many others continue to work to preserve a Nehrling legacy.  This part of the Nehrling collection will expand, as necessary, to document these ongoing efforts.
Series 7 4/1 Photos from the Henry Nehrling Collection on CD-ROM, 1 Disk.  Two video tapes titled "German Roots in Gotha, Florida" and "Palm Cottage Garden: Gotha, Florida."
4/2 About the Collection - Provenance, Inventory and Shelf List for Monographs and Periodicals.  
4/3 Transcript Summary of Nehrling and T. L. Mead Correspondence, 1890-1929, (Copy 1).
4/4 Transcript Summary of Nehrling and T. L. Mead Correspondence,1890-1929, (Copy 2).
4/5 Biographical Notes.
Series 8 4/6 "The Services to Florida of Henry Nehrling and Other Plant Lovers" by Mary Francis Baker.
4/7 Proposal for Establishing a Nehrling Professorship at Rollins College.
4/8 Plaques and Medals (Frank M. Meyer Agricultural Explorer Medal).
4/9 Correspondence Concerning a Thomas A. Edison Check Made Out to Henry Nehrling.
4/10 Nehrling Commemoration, 1931.
4/11 Secure the Nehrling Estate for Rollins, 1947.
4/12 Nehrling Exhibits, 1934 and 1956.  
4/13 Memorial Tribute  (Published in the Auk, April 2, 1932.)
4/14 Stone for Nehrling Placed in the Walk of Fame at Rollins College  (Nov 3, 1998).
4/15 Audubon Society.  (Correspondence and booklet titled The Florida Audubon Society 1900-1935).
4/16 "My Garden in Florida." (Written by Nehrling.)
4/17 Mead Garden Article From the Sentinel-Star, Feb 14, 1937.
4/18 Excerpt from the Edisons of Fort Myers Book by Tom Smoot. 
4/19 Photocopies of Articles Nehrling Articles Appearing in Garden and Forest.
4/20 Sandspur News Clipping 1916.
4/21 "Palm Cottage Gardens."  Transcript of speech for Florida Federation of Garden Clubs. 
4/22 "A Yank Pioneer in Florida" by Allen Andrews of The American Eagle. (Also misc. photocopies concerning Julian Nally)
4/23 "Patron Saint of Florida Gardens" by David Driapsa. (Two copies & lecture format of same.  Also includes photocopy of news article mentioning Driapsa and Fleishman.)
4/24 Miscellaneous Notes, Clippings and Photocopies.
4/25 Milwaukee Public Museum "A Special Style."  (Details from Nehrling's Museum Custodial Job History)
4/26 Arno H. Nehrling Correspondence, Society Affiliation and Arno's Composition book of 1902. 
Series 9 4/27 Correspondence with Richard Nehrling, (Great-Grandson of Henry Nehrling).
4/28 Werner Franz August Nehrling.
4/29 Concerning Henry Nehrling's Wives.
4/30 Patti Nehrling.
4/31 Ms. H. Nehrling.
4/32 Correspondence About Robert Mitchell, Stepson of Dr. Nehrling.
4/33 Dr. Heinz Nehrling Correspondence.
4/34 Mitchell Family.
4/35 Theodore L. Mead and Julian Nally Correspondence.
4/36 Julian Nally Letter.
4/37 Hedwig Michel Correspondence. 
4/38 The Koreshan Unity and Historic Site.  Nehrling Materials, Surplus Bulbs and Miscellaneous.
Series 10 4/39 Henry Nehrling Society - Miscellaneous. 
4/40 Nehrling Property Contract Signed March 18, 2005.
4/41 Correspondence Related to Charles Dauray's Visit to Rollins on February 14, 2004.
4/42 Development Committee Letter, 2003. 
4/43 Lassiter's Correspondence. (Concerning republishing "My Garden in Florida.")
4/44 Grant Requests for 2003.
4/45 Correspondence with David Driapsa.
4/46 "An Earthly Paradise" by Tracy Jones. 
4/47 Barbara Bochiardy Correspondence.
4/48 Carl Paterson Correspondence.
4/49 Fleischmann Correspondence.
4/50 Chas W. Codwise Correspondence.
4/51 David Fairchild Correspondence.
4/52 Donn Flipse Correspondence.
4/53 Edward A. Menninger Correspondence. (And others)
4/54 Florida Federation of Garden Clubs Correspondence.
4/55 Mary Hanzen Arnold Correspondence.
4/56 Michael A. Spencer Correspondence.
4/57 Derek Butcher's Web Article on Nehrling's Bromeliad Studies.
4/58 Nehrling Collection at University of Central Florida.
4/59 Herbaria and Other Hanna Correspondence.
4/60 The American Eagle and Horticultural Review.
4/61 Edwin O. Grover Correspondence About the Nehrling Collection.
4/62 Morton Collectanea.
4/63 Florida Turnpike Authority.
4/64 Fleischmann-Nehrling Foundation Fund Effort.
4/65 Recollections of Life in Windermere 1920-1950 by Harry Chandler Luff Jr. (Channy)
4/66 Archeological Research on the East Shore of Lake Butler.
4/67 History of Windermere by Roger Van Seidner.
4/68 National Register of Historic Places  (Nehrling's Gotha Home.)
4/69 Orange County Commission, July 25, 2001.
4/70 Nehrling Garden Decision, Orange County Board,  2003. 
4/71 History of Gotha Florida.  
4/72 Article on Gothian H. A. Hemple, Founding Father of Gotha Florida.
4/73 Inventory of Gotha Florida Home.
4/74 Papers Detailing Efforts to Save Gotha Property.
4/75 A Revision of Gotha History 2001.
4/76 German Film Crew in Gotha, 2003.
4/77 Caribbean Gardens Documents and Articles. 
4/78 Wenxian Zhang Correspondence.
4/79 Henry Nehrling Society Papers.
Box 5 Collection of News and Magazine Articles About Nehrling Published Since 1929  (Arranged chronologically).
Abstract Box 5 contains 17 folders of articles from magazines and newspapers in their original form or photocopied from the originals. Folder 17 contains published book reviews for works by or about Nehrling.   
Series 11 5/1 Nehrling Articles from 1929-1932.
5/2 Nehrling Articles from 1950-1960.
5/3 Nehrling Articles from 1965-1966.
5/4 Nehrling Articles from 1973.
5/5 Nehrling Articles from 1979.
5/6 Nehrling Articles from 1982.
5/7 Nehrling Articles from 1985.
5/8 Nehrling Articles from 1997-1999.
5/9 Nehrling Articles from 2000.
5/10 Nehrling Articles from 2001.
5/11 Nehrling Articles from 2002.
5/12 Nehrling Articles from 2003.
5/13 Nehrling Articles from 2004.
5/14 Nehrling Articles from 2005.
5/15 Nehrling Articles from 2006
5/16 Nehrling Articles from , n.d.
5/17 Nehrling Book Reviews.
Box 6 Papers, Articles and Clippings Collected by Herbert Nehrling Jr.
Abstract The 18 folders in Box 6 were Collected by Herbert Nehrling Jr.
Series 12 6/1 Nehrling, Henry Dr: Herbert A. Nehrling Jr. Correspondence.
6/2 About the Nehrling Collection at Rollins College.
6/3 Save Nehrling Gardens.
6/4 Fairchild Tropical Garden in Miami.
6/5 Henry Nehrling: Writings.
6/6 In Memoriam - Henry Nehrling 1853 - 1929.
6/7 "Patron Saint of Florida Garden" by David J. Driapsa.
6/8 "Stone Laying" Walk of Fame, 1998.
6/9 Palm Cottage Gardens.
6/10 Caribbean Gardens.
6/11 Arno H. Nehrling.
6/12 Irene Dahlberg Nehrling.
6/13 Descendants of Bastian Nehrling.
6/14 Werner Nehrling.
6/15 Sophie Schoff Nehrling.
6/16 Magazine and Newspaper Articles.
6/17 Henry Nehrling's Letter about his Visit with Edison and Ford in 1928.
6/18 Biography.
Box 7 Collection of American Eagle Issues with Nehrling Articles Collected by Herbert Nehrling Jr.
Series 13 Abstract Box 7 contains all of the issues of The American Eagle with articles published about Nehrling from 1965 to 1973.
Box  8 Scientific Circulars and Journal Articles From Henry Nehrling's Library.
Abstract Box 8 contains 18 folders of circulars and journal articles from Henry Nehrling's library.
Series 14 8/1 Catalogue of German Literature 1874.
8/2 Schultze u. Muller in America.
8/3 Collection of German Authors.
8/4 The Academy of Science of St. Louis: The trees of St. Louis as influence by the Tornado of 1896.
8/5 The Academy of Science of St. Louis: Plants Collected in the District of Cienfuegos, Cuba.
8/6 The Academy of Science of St. Louis: A study of the relation of Salix Nigra and Salix Amygdaloides.
8/7 The Academy of Science of St. Louis: Isogonic Transformation 1901.
8/8 The Academy of Science of St. Louis: On the Mode of Dissemination of Usnea Barbata 1898.
8/9 Illustrierte Flora von Mittel - Europa.
8/10 Revue Horticole 1892 - 16 Fevrier - No. 4.
8/11 Archiv fur mikroskop. Anatomie.
8/12 Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Undios.  El Picudo O` Gorgojo Mexicano de la Capsula del Algodon.
8/13 Entomologische Zeitschrift.
8/14 Elektrokultur.
8/15 The Florida Agriculturist.
8/16 Archiv Fur Augenheilkunde.
8/17 "Jebpemobali" + "Jeremovac": Graines de Plantes Cultivees.
8/18 Papilio Asterias Aberr.  Calverleyi.
8/19 Ackerbau - Ministerium der Vereinigten Staaten: Abtheilung fur Insektenkunde.
8/20 Lepidopteren - Liste.
8/21 La Germinacion No Simbiotica De Las Semillas De Orquideas.
8/22 Descriptions of Three New Forms of Pocket-Mice from the Mexican Border of the United States.
8/23 Revision of the Euchloe inhabiting America, North of Mexico.
8/24 Article IX Preliminary Descriptions of two Apparently New Species of the Genus Hesperomys from Florida.
8/25 Article XIV. - A Revision of the Genus Xiphorhynchus Swainson, with Descriptions of Two New Species.
8/26 Article XX. - Description of Supposed New Species and Subspecies of Mammals, from Arizona.
8/27 On a Collection of Birds made by Mr. Clark P. Streator in British Columbia, with Field Notes by the Collector.
8/28 The North American Species of the Genus Colaptes.
8/29 The Skeleton of Diatryma, a Gigantic Bird from the Lower Eocene of Wyoming.
8/30 Notes on Birds Observed at Jalapa and Las Vegas, Vera Cruz, Mexico.
Box 9 Newspaper and Magazine Clippings Collected by Henry Nehrling.
Abstract Box 9 contains 27 folders containing newspaper and magazine clippings from Henry Nehrling's library.  News articles are in German and English languages.
Series 15 9/1 Scientific American: Snakes.
9/2 Vogel and Katzen: Ich Mochte Heim!
9/3 Fertilizers.
9/4 Zeitschrift for Ornithologie und Praktische Geflugelzucht, 1888.
9/5 Germania Neujahrs - Gratulationen die Leser, 1878.
9/6 Flowering Shrubs by Dr. F.Franceschi.
9/7 The Florida Dispatch:  A Plea for Piazzas, July 23, 1888.
9/8 Goldenes Jubiliaum.
9/9 Anzeiger des Westens: Paraguay Thee by Dr. Hugo Toeppen.
9/10 Oologist: Nesting of the Arizona Hooded Oriole at Riverside, CA.  Fork-Tailed Fly Catcher.
9/11 Der Wurm.
9/12 Tagliche Illinois Staatszeitung:  Der Seig des Englishmen, July 2,1889.
9/13 Tagliche Ausgahe der Bunten Blatter, October 17, 1889.
9/14 Germania Zeitung: Erin Protest aus Clem Dunklen Suden, Sept. 5, 1901.
9/15 Moller's Deutsche Gartner, Zeitung, Sept. 25, 1890.
9/16 The Florida Dispatcher, Farmers and Fruit Grower.
9/17 The Tropical Sun, April 29, 1891.
9/18 Der See Bote, Milwaukee, Schurz' Rede, Sept. 7, 1897.
9/19 Mississippi Blatter, 1886.
9/20 Milwaukee Germania, Nov 24, 1901.
9/21 Sonntagsblatt der New York, Sine Ermahnung von Gottfried Kinkel an Seine Kinder, Statts - Zeitung, Jan. 11, 1903.
9/22 The Florida Agriculturist.
9/23 Sonntagsblatt der N.Y., Zeitung, Nov. 23, 1902.
9/24 Mississippi Blatter: Deutsche and Amerikaner.
9/25 Einiges uber Einburgerungversuche.
9/26 Heinrich Nehrling, Leher and Naturfreund, Feb 18, 1931.
9/27 Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings.
Boxes 10, 11, and 12 Loose Journals and Magazines from Henry Nehrling's Library.
Series 16 Abstract Three boxes of various loose journals and magazines collected by Nehrling.  
Shelf Bound Monographs from Henry Nehrling's Library.
Series 17 Abstract Books from Henry Nehrling's library totaling 180 volumes which occupy 28 linear feet of shelving.
Shelf Bound Journals from Henry Nehrling's Library
Series 18 Abstract Series of bound journals from Henry Nehrling's library which occupy 20 linear feet of shelving.  These periodicals include the Auk (1884-1900), and the Gardener's Chronicle, (1841-1916).
The Henry Nehrling Collection