Archives and Special Collections. Rollins College, Winter Park Florida

 Series Description for the Theodore Luqueer Mead Collection


Latest Revision August 27, 2006
Detailed Container List available here
Series 1 Collection Papers and Biographical Material. 
Box 1 contains 6 folders of  collected papers documenting the acquisition of  T. L. Mead Collection at Rollins College along with collected biographical materials on T. L. Mead and the Mead family history.  
Series 2 Mead Photo Collection.
Boxes 2 and 3 contain a total of 14 folders of photos sorted by subject. Box 3 contains Mead's orchid photo album along with a folder of lists describing the orchids in the album.  Some additional photos for ready reference are located in a vertical file in the archives public reading area.  
Series 3 T. L. Mead Notes, Manuscripts, Drafts of Letters and Personal Papers. 

Box 4 contains 29 folders of T. L. Mead's original writing and personal papers which include essays, copies of letters, drawings and Mead estate papers.

Series 4

Documents Related to T. L. Mead's Efforts to Improve Transportation and Commerce in Oviedo, Florida. 

Box 5 contains 15 folders on Mead's involvement in business ventures and community service projects to enhance opportunities for transportation and agricultural commerce.   

Series 5

Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity Papers and Correspondence.

Box 6 contains 8 folders of papers and correspondence that are related to Mead's involvement with the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity at Cornell University.  
Series 6 The Butterfly Papers.
Box 7 contains 10 folders which include manuscripts, documents and correspondence predominantly related to butterflies.
Series 7 Horticultural Correspondence.
Boxes 8 and 9 contains 171 folders of letters received by T. L. Mead from business firms, associations and individuals. Most of the correspondence in these boxes have to do with horticultural matters.
Series 8 Mead Family Correspondence.
Boxes 10 to 14 contain 112 folders of letters that were exchanged within T. L. Mead's immediate family.
Series 9 Mead Family Papers.
Boxes 15 to 18 contain  81 folders of notes, correspondence, diaries, ledgers, personal papers, news clippings and advertisements that belonged to members of  T. L. Mead's immediate family.
Series 10 Family and Non-Family Correspondence. 
Boxes 19 and 20 contain family and non-family correspondence.
Series 11 Mead Real Estate Documents.
Box 21 contains Mead family real estate documents.   
Series 12 Calling Cards, Business Cards, Advertisements, and Business Correspondence.  
Boxes 22 and 23 contain calling cards, business cards and a collection of catalogs and correspondence with business firms.
Series 13 Non-Family Correspondence.
Boxes 24, 25 and 26 contain non-family correspondence.
Series 14 Magazines, Journals and Agricultural Bulletins.
The folders in Boxes 27, 28 and 29 contain single issues, or small numbers of various issues and are described individually in the folder list.  The larger series of periodical titles including numerous agricultural bulletins are shelved and collectively described in the Shelf List for the Theodore L. Mead Collection.  
Series 15 Mead Botanical Gardens Historical Papers.
Boxes 30 and 31 contain 24 folders of news items, correspondence, ledgers, receipts and accounting papers for the Mead Botanical Gardens.