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Jack Rich came to Rollins in 1934 as a student, and returned in 1949 as the Director of Admissions.  During the fourteen years he served Rollins College in admissions, Rich helped raise the quality, quantity, and diversity of students accepted to Rollins in addition to teaching history courses.

Born on January 27, 1916, John Oliver Rich grew up in Baltimore, Maryland.  Rich attended Rollins College and received his AB in 1938, and in 1949 received his Master of Arts degree from Johns Hopkins University in Education and in European History.  He also completed summer studies at Cambridge University in England, Columbia University in New York, and Sorbonne in Paris.  Between 1942 and 1946, Rich served as a United States Naval Aviation Intelligence Instructor, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Before returning to Rollins, Rich taught at the American School of Paris and was the head counselor of the MacJannet Summer Camps.  He specializes in student counseling, vocational guidance, international relations, and is considered an authority on European schools, preferring work with foreign exchange students.

In 1958, Rich was awarded the Fulbright Professor of English at Athens College, Greece, where he instructed students in the English language and American history.  Then in 1960, Rich was recognized as the first Dean of Admissions, a title he held until his retirement in 1963.  From there, he founded and became the director of the Educational Counseling Service, a government approved nonprofit educational corporation since 1964.  Rich also served as the chairman of the American College Board Conference in 1966 and helped found the Independent Educational Consultants Association in 1976.  The title of Dean of Admissions Emeritus was bestowed upon Rich in 1997, as well as the prestigious George Morgan Ward Medal in 2002.

Rich has been a member of such groups as: the Faculty Committee on Admissions; Academic Standing and Scholarship and Financial Aid; the Board of Trustees of the Winter Park Memorial Hospital; the Book-A-Year; Phi Delta Kappa, the professional association of educators; and Pi Gamma Mu, the international honor society in social science.

Rich Talks About Students He has Admitted to Rollins College


  • "... A straight ĎAí record for the first semester and I said, 'Well this is great that you want to come to Rollins.  Why...'  And he said, 'Because I went to Dartmouth with three interests: one, the theatre; two, the music; and three, creative writing.  And I find in looking around that all three areas are stronger here at Rollins...' "


  • "...I can remember, this is vivid to this day... that the Roosevelts have accepted an invitation to come here... We were to do the luncheon... And there Hamilton Holt with Franklin Roosevelt next to him, and Eleanor in a chair across from them in front of the fireplace..."


  • "... Hamilton Holt was so far ahead of his time!  You realize you go to... the first... accredited college, in the United States where students did not know what their grades were.  All they were told was whether they were passing or failing... Now... the talk that goes on about grades.  I love to come over here and eat in the dining room, but I wish the conversation could be more about what youíre learning."









  • "...But Iíll never forget his opening address to us as freshman... he described so vividly what was going on in his mind in creating this, what he called a conference plan.  'Itís education by inspiration rather than by requirements.  I doubt that youíll have any required reading in any of your courses. What youíll do, youíll be inspired to read books.' ... he said, 'Now go forth, get started, and whatever you do, donít let your studies interfere with your education.'  And that, in a nutshell, really summarized what he was talking about..."






  • "... I was host to Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, who wrote The Yearling... so I was very privileged to be taking her around... took her to all the different events... She was wonderful (laughs).  Of course the students loved her..."






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