Enyart-Alumni Field House

Dedication ceremony of Enyart Alumni Field House in 1968


During the late 1950s, Rollins saw an increasing demand for a new field house to meet the need of a large student population on campus. In 1961, the school received the first donation towards such a facility in memory of Arthur Delano Enyart (49H), a well respected and beloved Dean of Men at Rollins from 1931 to 1950, who just past away. Six years later when all funding was secured, a groundbreaking ceremony was held on March 18, 1967. Completed a year later, the 37,000-square foot building contained a basketball court seating 2,500, and classrooms as well as offices for the Physical Education Department. The first basketball game to be played in the new field house was against Stetson, and Rollins won 77-72. For over the next three decades, the Enyart Filed Alumni Field House served as the preferred place for large events on campus. Finally in 2001, when the school received a large donation from Harold and Ted Alfond, the field house was extensively renovated, enlarged and renamed after the Alfond family.

The interior