Barker House

Side view of Barker House

The Baker House, built in 2004 and dedicated on October 21, 2005, is the newest building on campus. The construction of the new president’s house was made possible by a gift of one million dollars from Francis H. Barker (’52 ’06H) and his wife Darly Stamm Barker (’53). A life-long supportor to the College, Francis Barker was the chairman of the Board of Trustees at the time of construction. Designed by ACi Architects of Winter Park, the house follows the same Spanish Mediterranean style of the rest of campus. While the second floor contains private living quarters for the president and his family, the first floor has a guest area complete with an inviting living room, a large stone fireplace, a dining room for small dinners, a spacious kitchen, and a guest suite. There are many paintings and antiques to be found inside the house. Outside the house is a long front yard with a loop drive way. The back of the house has a loggia that surrounds a pool, and a large patio area with a spanning view of Lake Virginia.